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Mahal Games.

Mahal Games develops card games that aim to revolutionize gaming experience. Our multi-type card games include Rummy, Poker, Ludo, Domino, Baloot and many more to come. Presently, millions of users play our games with families and friends in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and across the MENA region.

Mahal Games bring together a vibrant group of brilliant developers and aspiring “imagineers”. We are devoted to launching ourselves as the most creative causal game supplier in the global market.


OyeChat is a brand-new online dating app that charms the world with magical user experience.

Ditching the old-school way of robotic match-making, OyeChat adopts the latest AI-driven technology to find your best match. Users can create trendy videos and match with live videos to find their better halves effectively and cross-globally.

OyeChat has now grown popular across Southeast Asia, North America and the MENA region.

Bank Mobile App - Banca Webflow Template