About Thor Group

Thor Group has been committed to bringing first-class internet products to the global market with multiple product lines overseas, including e-commerce platforms, mobile games, and online social medias. Our business has extended beyond markets in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe, reaching hundreds of millions of registered customers. Equipped with local operation centers and R&D teams in Singapore, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, New Delhi, Bangalore and beyond, we pride ourselves with bringing fun and joy across the globe and across industries. Thor Group was born to the collaboration of young entrepreneur pioneers and 20+- year capital market veterans. Our senior management team is chosen and escorted by talents from Goldman Sachs, Tuniu, Huawei, and Alibaba. With an ecosystem that inspires explosive innovation, we attract more talents with top-notch education backgrounds than any competitors. Here, we offer the most unfettered space for trials and errors and the most competitive salaries and dividend mechanisms for aspiring entrepreneurs. A life shared globally is a life relished profoundly. Join us to unleash your creative potential and bring top-grade internet products to the world!

The Lightspeed China Partners is a leading Chinese venture capital firm focusing on early-stage investments. Their expertise is in mobile, Internet, technology-enabled services, and enterprise solution companies. Their successful investments include Pinduoduo (NASDAQ:PDD), Dianping.com (HK:3690), Tujia, Full Truck Alliance, etc.

Over the past two decades, the Lightspeed Venture Partner team has backed hundreds of entrepreneurs and helped build more than 350 companies globally, including Snap, Nest, Nutanix, AppDynamics, MuleSoft, OYO, Guardant, StitchFix, and GrubHub. Lightspeed currently manages $7.9B across the global Lightspeed platform, with investment professionals and advisors in Silicon Valley, Israel, India, and China.

One of China’s earliest early-stage venture investors with over US$ 1.5 billion under management. Their successful investments include Sohu.com (NASDAQ:SOHU), Ctrip.com (NASDAQ:CTRP), the 9 (NASDAQ:NCTY) , China Distance Education (NYSE:DL), Xunlei (NASDAQ:XNET), Phoenix New Media (NYSE:FENG), UCWeb, YY (NASDAQ:YY ), Xiaomi and etc..

Rakuten is a global leader in internet services headquartered in Tokyo. Rakuten Ventures combines the objectivity and network of traditional venture funds with the unique access to Rakuten’s global businesses to help portfolio companies stay ahead of the curve. Globally, Rakuten Capital has invested in more than 60 companies including Lyft, Cabify, Carousell, GoJek and Pinterest.

A leading brand in the venture capital industry in the Asia Pacific region. With more than US$1.2 billion funds under management in aggregate, JAFCO Asia's experienced investment team has invested in over 368 companies in 13 countries and divested more than 260 companies of which at least 86 have been publicly listed.

A leading early-stage venture capital firm in China with an extended interest in Silicon Valley. Since its founding in 2006, China Growth Capital has grown to manage 8 Billion RMB (approximately 1.2 Billion USD) in asset under management across its different RMB and USD funds. Notable portfolio includes SMZDM (SZEx: 300785), MissFresh, Wish, Tiger Brokers (NASDAQ: TIGR), etc.

A specialized venture capital institution, committing itself to investment on early period of creative projects in high-tech and internet field, concentrating on investment on future unicorn companies which lead the industries.

One of the first venture capital firms with a regional presence across China, Hong Kong, and ASEAN with over US$1.1 billion in assets under management (AUM). The firm, founded in 2002 and headquartered in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, focuses on emerging and underserved markets and has invested in over 250 startups. Investment cases include DeClout (SGX: 5UZ), DMG (NASDAQ: VISN), Emotion Media (SZEx: 300058), Hanbo Technology (SSE: 600701), Tuniu (NASDAQ:TOUR), 36 Kr (NASDAQ: KRKR), etc.

News Report

Following the Dating Bonus, Another Social Product, OyeChat, Made Its Debut

SINGAPORE, Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Girls in Thailand are singing live to guys in Canada from their phones; rich men in Saudi Arabia are showering gifts on beautiful women in Indonesia; young people around the world are being seemingly randomly matched on video calls based on big data analysis. Now, influenced by the dual growth engine of “live video + short video”, video…

OyeChat focuses on social functionality and adds pan-entertainment modules

According to Facebook's sharing data in early 2020, the Top 10 markets for SNS apps include India, the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, and Thailand, showing that a growing number of national markets need localized social products. OyeChat will prioritize entering markets with less competition, polishing their products, cultivating an ecology, and ultimately moving on to other markets…

OyeChat initially targeted Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and North America

"Our product has innovated targeting female users and helping them communicate and interact users on the other end both simply and effectively, increasing the frequency and depth of and interest in communication and establishing real social relationships with strangers," Key stated. In the live-stream industry, OyeChat has also encouraged excellent streamers to cultivate their own circles, typically 10-20, in addition to…